Proclamation & Conversation Evangelism Course

Course Objectives

  • Equip believers to share the Gospel
  • Equip believers to share their testimony
  • Equip believers to publicly proclaim the gospel to a group of people
  • Discover if you have the gift of Evangelism
  • Become a better Apologist
  • Continue to grow as a Disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Fulfill the Great Commission

Rescue and Revive Evangelism 101 for Jr. and Sr. High Groups

This 45-minute presentation will give the essentials for evangelism and get your youth fired up to win souls!

Rescue and Revive Two hour- “Do the work of an Evangelist” Training (Spark)

This is a mini-two hour version of the course if you are looking for your church or group to get a “spark” for the lost.

Rescue and Revive Weekend- Training, Outreach, and Pulpit Supply

Friday evening is a 2-hour equipping.  Saturday will be outreach with any of those that attended the training.  Sunday morning Domenic Danesi or one of the Rescue and Revive Team members will preach at the Sunday morning Service.

Rescue and Revive Full course- Five weeks of Equipping, Two weeks of Field Experience

Week 1 – An introduction to the five week course. 

What is the office, operation, and work of an Evangelist?  Who was referred to as an Evangelist in scripture?  Ideas for Evangelism and outreach.  Evangelism tips, conversation starters and quotes from well-known missionaries and Evangelists.  Independent Studies will be assigned.  The 3-tract challenge will be assigned.

Week 2 – Evangelism methods and independent study assignment review. 

We will explore different evangelism methods including tracting, the Roman’s Road, the Good Test, the Wordless Book, and how to biblically share your testimony.  A Guest Evangelist will discuss their ministry. Independent Study continued.

Week 3 – Observation and Assessment of different Evangelists. 

We will look at different preachers and methods of evangelism through the lens of scripture.  What was done biblically and what was not?  How confrontational was the person?  Did the preacher know the audience and did the listeners respond?  5-7 minute personal testimony opportunities.

Week 4 – Apologetics and False Doctrines. 

Islam, Mormonism, and the Jehovah Witnesses will be the main three false religions we will look at.  We will utilize God’s word to become better apologists and defend the truth against error and deception.

Week 5 – Field Experience discussions, course evaluation, 3 questions to ponder.

Two field experiences to be completed: 

1.) Conversational = Street ministry with tracts and prayer.

2.) Proclamation = Open air preaching/reading scripture/sharing your testimony at a specific venue.

If you are interested in any of the courses listed please contact us at

If you are interested in any of the courses listed please contact us at